Get to know the adventures of a crazy bunny! - free performance for children


Can a wild bunny live in a rural yard? For sure it will trigger an avalanche of fun adventures! On March 16th, children visiting our Center will watch the performance entitled ‘Zajączek Bączek’ (Bączek Bunny). No admission!

Willingness and courage are more important than talents! Crazy Bączek bunny, the hero of the children's theater, who will be at our Center, will find out. Full of entertaining gags and music, the spectacle will entice small spectators to play together.

Bączek bunny will go to a rural farm, where he will meet completely different animals. The protagonist will notice that the inhabitants of the farm fulfill certain roles and are needed, while Zajączek does not know how he could be useful to newly met friends. A simple, poem written art will certainly appeal to the youngest viewers.

Theater titled ‘Zajączek Bączek’ will take place on March 16th . The performance will be played three times, at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00. No admission.

We invite you to come!